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Affordable Living Communities

Mobile Home Communities across the Midwest, improving quality of life with beautiful homes at affordable prices

“I can confidently say that Erie West MHC provides an exceptional living environment, fostering a true sense of belonging.”

Melissa MargolisTenant

Affordable Spaces for Thriving Families

Harnessing our expertise in mobile home community management, we wholeheartedly devote ourselves to crafting extraordinary and affordable living spaces. Spanning across Nebraska and Ohio, our communities serve as the embodiment of accessible housing, fostering an environment where families can thrive and flourish.


Mobile Home Sites



Empowering Affordable Housing

With the increasing demand for affordable housing, we deeply understand the rising popularity of mobile homes among families and individuals. Our unwavering mission revolves around delivering unparalleled quality, ensuring that our tenants experience a safe, pristine, and delightful environment to call home.

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investing in community 

investing in community 

investing in community 

investing in community 

investing in community 

Our Properties

Our properties are strategically located in Omaha, NE, and Lorain, OH, catering to diverse communities seeking comfortable and affordable living in prime city locations.